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fabulous mother they have. >> different strokes for different folks i guess. >> it's true. oh, gosh. a long story. that's "early start." i'm christine romans. >> and i'm zoraida sambolin. "starting point "with soledad o'brien starts right now. welcome, everybody. the storm for the record books. historic blizzard could hit new england. we have live team coverage with everything you need to know. he is considered extremely dangerous. new developments in the hunt for this man. a suspected cop killer, including what we've learned about a potential sighting overnight. john brennan in the hot seat as he tries to become the new cia director. surprising views on interrogation tactics and drones. then, he's out. the man squatting in a multimillian dollar mansion in florida gets the boot.
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and we'll speak with jim clemente, dr. michael welner, james usera, a former classmate of christopher dorner. ronwiden, and david frei of the westminster kennel club. we want to welcome our international viewers as "starting point" starts right now. hey, everybody. welcome. our "starting point," everyone bracing for the monster blizzard. could turn out to be a storm for the ages with forecasters using words like epic to describe the storm. live pictures of new york. a foot of snow could be on the ground by this time tomorrow. right now, 23 million people in the northeast under a blizzard warning. air travel hit or miss. 3,000 flights scheduled for today and tomorrow have already been canceled.
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in boston, concerns that the storm could be worse than the blizzard of 1978. you will remember a hundred people killed in that blizzard. thousands of homes destroyed. forecasters calling for 34 inches of snow there. meteorologist jennifer delgado with us from the cnn weather center. alison kosik in new york. and indra petersons in washington. it has become impossible to find shovels or bottled water. indra, how is it? >> a mild season so far. 15 inches below normal for snow totals this season, but we all know by this point, this atomic bomb basically, this huge low pressure system developing is expected to bring heavy snowfall here by late afternoon. currently, of course, the sun support, still generally calm, visibility is great. one thing picking up here is the wind, just in the last -- my hat flew right off, not warm enough,
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i need the beanie on top of it. you can see the custom tower, and you remember, two to three inches of snow per hour. that's the amount of heavy snow we're expecting as we go toward late afternoon in through the evening and even all the way in through tomorrow. keep in mind, not talking about heavy snow, but high winds, and with that chances are as we go through the afternoon, we won't be able to see the tower anymore. a quarter mile away. as soon as we can't see that we know visibility is less than a quarter mile. people getting prepared. 600 trucks ready to go, another 4,500 on stand by. and the national guard on stand by. everyone feels we're prepared. the good upside, on the weekend. schools are closed and people will ride out the storm. >> all right, indra. thank you. appreciate it. for those in new york, we have been warned that there will be a foot or more. flooding could be a concern.
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alison kosik in columbus circle close to central park here in manhattan. good morning, allison. >> the conditions have certainly changed over the past half hour or some of winds picking up and a nice comfortable sleet is fall from the sky. and you can see, roads are wet. people are still going about their day. going to work as they normally would, nothing is really sticking as of yet, but fast forward 24 hours from now, this will likely be covered with snow. as for what new york city is preparing for? preparing for a lot of snow. hundreds of salt trucks up at the ready and plows ready, also trains, extra trains running during rush hour to get people home, right when the storm is supposed to hit. at its finest, soledad. >> alison kosik, thank you, allison. let's head to where the latest on where the storm is headed. jennifer delgado at the cnn weather center in atlanta. give us a sense of where it begins and where it ends over
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the time frame? >> two different systems. one right off the coast in the mid-atlantic. really getting energized. this is the system that is moving up the northeast and this is what's combining with the system in the great lakes. right now, we're dealing with rain out there for most areas. again, still seeing a little bit of wintry precipitation moving through parts of northern weigh, washington, d.c. area. we saw allison's live shot out of new york city with a little wet snow. snow not going to pick up until later in the afternoon for new york city. 4:00, 5:00. but snowfall totals are going to be quite impressive. we're talking in some locations 2 to 3 feet of snow. for you international viewers, that's roughly a meter of snowfall, and it's really going to start to explode as we go later this evening, once the two storms merge and to the overnight and into tomorrow. some of the winds we're talking hurricane strength. and gusts picking up, especially later this evening. that's when we start to expect
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some of the blizzard conditions to arrive for areas like newark, boston, and winds will be gusty. even traveling through saturday is going to be tricky as well. i want to point out, a blizzard warning in place in there new york to maine. and we have big post coastal flooding potential. winds, two to three feet storm surge for areas, soledad. still trying to recover from superstorm sandy. again, for international viewers, wind gusts up to 100 kilometers per hour. >> all right this will be a complete mess. jennifer delgado, thank you. stay with us as we continue to cover the storm. beal take a look at airport conditions, thousands of flights already canceled and what it looks like over the next couple of days. the other top story this morning, the hunt for this alleged killer. a former cop in southern california, thought to be a potential break in the case overnight turned out to be a
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lead to nowhere. a reported sighting of christopher dorner turned out to be false. suspected of killing three people, including a police officer and the fired lapd officer vowed he would target other cops and their families in a long online manifesto. burned out truck spotted in an area around the big bear lake ski resort. he, though, remains at large. casey wian following developments live in hollywood station, california. good morning, casey. >> reporter: good morning, soledad. as you can imagine, law enforcement officials on high alert throughout southern california this morning. they are trying to protect potential targets of this suspected killer, christopher dorner, while at the same time trying to find him. a possible break in the hunt for christopher dorner as investigators find his truck burning near big bear lake,
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california. officers fan out and go door to door. >> we will look for him until we determine is he no longer in the big bear valley. >> reporter: he has threatened to hurt officers and their families in retribution for being fired in 2008. he said i never had an opportunity to have a family of my own. i'm terminating yours. in a parcel to anderson cooper, he had a dvd and a post it that said i never lied. dorner claims he was forced out after reporting alleged police brutality and a coin wrapped in duct tape, which says thanks, but no thanks will bratton. >> chances are he would have received it from me. the custom of i have when somebody activated to the military, heading overseas.
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>> reporter: cnn cooperating authorities. police say it began sunday in irvine when dorner killed two people. monica quan, the daughter of a former lapd captain, who represented dorner in front of the police board that eventually fired him, and her fiance. three days later in san diego, police say dorner attempted to hijack a boat. then early thursday, dorner fires at police officers in corona who were assigned to protect someone connected to dorner's threats. one officer hurt. later in riverside, two officers fired upon in what police call a cowardly ambush. one seriously hurt. the other killed. dorner's manifesto states the attacks will stop when the department states the truth about my innocence. publicly. >> he's told us what he intend to do and so far he's done it. >> reporter: leaving the community on edge, wondering when the violence will stop. i'll give you a sense of how seriously law enforcement is taking the threat.
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several police agencies in southern california have ordered officers to travel in patrol cars in pairs until dorner is found. soledad. >> casey wian, thank you. we'll hear more from the former lapd chief, william bratton, what he says about the bullet-riddled coin that dorner sent to cnn and the manifesto. we'll talk to jim clemente, a former profiler for the fbi. >> good morning. >> the manifesto, long, rambling with specific lists of his intentions. what does this reading tell you? >> tells us a lot about his personality and goals. trying to communicate how wronged he was during his life. and that's an indication that he is a justice collector. during the course of his life, he would look, search, every single direction to see if he's being treated special, like he thinks he deserves to be, or disrespected. and he ticks off a checklist and
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adds up all of these injustices over the course of his lifetime. >> the lapd very much wanting when he measures this. he says this, which i think is interesting. i know your ttps, techniques, tactics and procedures, any threat assessments you generate will be useless. i will mitigate any of your attempts at preservation. i will mitigate all risks, threats, and hazards. hope you will analyze and you are aware that i have always been top shot highest score, an expert in rifle quality fictions in every unit i've been in. i had utilize every bit of small arms training, dem nation, ordnance. >> he is trying to overcompensate for inadequacies. this is typical of narcissist. he goes back and forth from being the victim. he has to overcompensate by
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overselling himself. >> when you read the manifesto. he says he's not afraid of dying, not afraid of killing the litany of officers for the long na lust of injustices. do you read this and say this is a guy who will kill himself or this will continue with violence until someone kil him? how does it end? >> any one of those. basically this type of personality could be suicidal and he could be heading toward suicide by cop, but also trying to take out as many people as he can in the process. he may be convinced that once he's gotten the attention and the acclaim he deserves it may calm him down. he may want to enjoy the aftermath. >> he won't stop until my name is cleared. it's like you're killing people as you go. your name will never be cleared. >> he's irrational about that. that's very clear. >> thank you very much for joining us.
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at the bottom hour, we'll speak with dr. michael welner to talk more about this case. other stories making news, christine has that for us. >> new this morning, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake hits the solomon islands, an aftershock of a quake on wednesday. nine people killed by a tsunami afterward in the initial quake. the man the president wants to head up the cia, john brennan getting grilled, defending the administration's increasing use of drone strikes, saying they are critical for national security. but brennan told the committee he would rather capture terrorists than kill them. >> the american people believe we take strikes to punish terrorists for past transgressi transgressions, nothing further
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from the truth. democrats laid out the 15-point plan for gun safety on thursday. involves strengthening background checks, one for every gun sold, and a ban on assault weapons and magazines, cracking down on illegal gun trafficking, closing holes in the mental health system and support for citizens' rights to possess firearms for hunting, shooting sports, defense, and other legitimate lawful purposes. party is over in boca raton. they have seized a $2.5 million mansion from a squatter who has been living there since december. andre bar rosa,, 22 years old. police and a bank of america representative came calling and they gave barbosa the boot.
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>> which you knew that was going to happen. you can't squat in a 2$2.5 million mansion. >> he has law school in his future i believe. still ahead, if you use your smartphone for work when are you off the clock, does that count for overtime? new implications for one lawsuit. the snow sports business has seen a drought in the last four years this could be the answer to the industry's prayers. you're watching "starting point." ou're a dog. can you smell that leather? of course you can. your nose is amazing. you guys keep in touch. i'll get you a great deal on any trade-in, no questions asked. i have no questions! and just look at that cargo space! what? once you sit in a subaru, you'll stay.
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settled 144 lawsuits over phone hacking. high court officials did not announce the name of the people involved or the amounts of the settlements. this is the second group of students to intelligentsettleme settled. sunday river ski resort in maine. the storm is welcome news at a decade of record low snowfall. forcing mountains to invest in snow making. stowe resort is poring money into a master snow making plan. it's down from 333 inches this season. boston is 15 inches below normal so far. the people who make stuff to ski in and for outdoor sports are looking at this snowstorm and saying -- >> great for them and bad for pretty much everybody else. still ahead, a lot of people continue to work long after the
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welcome back, everybody. leave look at new york city. where the snow is beginning fall. just a little bit. we're getting ready for a big blizzard to hit here in new york, and, in fact, the entire northeast. want to introduce our team this morning. michael skolnick, of
4:24 am abby huntsman of huffpost.c liv. and ron brownstein. thank you for joining us as we could potentially all get snowed in. i'll let you weigh in if you spend a lot of time answering e-mail and doing work on your smartphone, blackberry at home, should you be compensated for it, as an employee? >> oh, wow. >> it depends on a lot of things. are you salary or hourly? >> a chicago police officer says, yes, he feels he should be compensated. jeffrey allen has filed a lawsuit against the city. he says they need to pay for the extra hours while he's off duty, but home from his department-issued blackberry. here is what the officer's attorney says about that. >> if they have have half-hour phone call to a superior about a search warrant they are going to
4:25 am
work on the next day that is something that needs to be paid for. the lawsuit is not silly. it seeks to enforce the law. >> the city says it has policies and procedures for officers to request overtime. at best this is a union grievance, not a federal lawsuit. >> it's a fascinating question. every level of government is facing financial squeeze. initial reaction is you need to pay this guy -- can we afford it? but on the other hand, we are all expected to respond. people you work with are offending if you don't understand, no matter what hour it is. >> how do you feel about that? >> 24 hours a day i'm not paid. >> but some jobs, you go into it, saying -- us too. we are expected that there will be phone calls in the middle of the night and you will answer them and that's is that. but in this guy's particular case, and they are framing it as a union issue. >> a nonexempt employee, so if
4:26 am
you work outside the hours you are expected to, you can get paid. >> a superior calling me, asking me for information. >> i don't know if his shop steward or union didn't take this up. these are something that unions have dealt with in terms of wage employee or salaried employee. the interesting thing about it, these devices have allowed to us be better parents and better workers at the same time, and you know what? i use -- sorry, cnn. i use this sometime for personal phone calls. >> what? >> at what point does it go a little bit give and take? >> but the issue beyond the specifics of this lawsuit is the extent to which the technology is kind of shackling to us work. >> is it shackling you -- >> it creates enormous opportunity. >> it shackles you and frees you. >> at what point do we turn it off? will we lose sanity where we never turn off our phones.
4:27 am
>> one hour. >> that's all i got. one hour in the morning. >> i got to call russell. >> yeah. >> all wrong about that. mr. meditation man. you need more than that. >> meditate for an hour. still ahead, we continue to track this developing story, horrific story out of california. police looking for the suspected cop killer, considered armed and ready to kill. a top forensic sirien sigh psyc manifesto. and more cancelations likely on the way. one thing not like a movie, but can critics go too far. the harsh review of "identity thief" that goes after the star's weight. back in a moment. it should be under stephens. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees? ... on up to 25 devices.
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we'll start with extreme weather this morning. a big blizzard barrelling toward the northeast. words like epic and historic, all bad, bad words when they are talking about a storm, used to describe the system affecting folks from new jersey to maine. here is a live look at what's happening in new york city. where the snow is starting to fall a little bit. expecting to come down much harder as the morning progresses. people here getting ready for it with long lines at the gas station. right now, more than 3,000 flights scheduled for tomorrow and tomorrow have been canceled. let's get right to meteorologist jennifer delgado, tracking the storm from the krcnn weather center and zain asher at laguardia airport, where it looks really empty behind you. >> reporter: hi, soledad. no way of sugar coating it. it will be a tough day for commuters, 3,300 flights
4:32 am
canceled, not c canceled. airlines making the decision to cancel those flights preemptive preemptively. if you have plans, make sure you call the airlines in advance. don't show up at the airport hoping for some kind of miracle. chances are, you may be disappointed. i want to show you the radar map. the blue dots represent flights that are currently in the air right now. as you can see, it is relatively active, but that could, of course, change this afternoon as those flights are going to be grounded. some passengers not taking any chances, deciding they had flights basically later on this afternoon and tomorrow, and they din want to take chances, reschedule to this morning. fortunate to boar their place. here is what they had to say. >> back to about 20 minutes from the airport, about an hour away and a $200 cab ride.
4:33 am
>> i was really tired. but i would rather get out on time and safely. > >> reporter: they were extremely lucky to board their flights. it's starting to snow outside. we got here 3:30 this morning, completely empty. things are slowly, slowly starting to pick up. and just to give you an idea of how badly laguardia is probably going to be affected by the snowstorm on any given day, 1,000 flights take off and leave from laguardia, so when the snowstorm comes and goes, it's pretty much going to be ma helm here. a lot of passengers converging at once to reboard, to board their rebooked flights, soledad. >> what a mess, potentially to be an absolute mess over the next couple of days. all right, sfwlnappreciate the update. jennifer delgado is tracking
4:34 am
the storm. >> we are tracking the storm system. two different storms out there. one in the great lakes and one across the mid-atlantic and i want to point out to you right now, again, following this, looking at wintry mix coming down through parts of virginia. and point out, a little bit of the changeover happening to the south in connecticut and rhode island. that means as we have been saying, we will start to see the snow, very wet snow working into new york and then by 9:00, we'll start to see more of that in boston, as well as into hartford and providence. some locations, talking 1 to 3 feet of snow, roughly right around a meter of snowfall in some locations. again, the heaviest, certainly going to be in through parts of new england, but for new york city, we could still see about 12 inches of snowfall. keep in mind, blizzard warning in place for several states. that includes for newark, up toward maine and what we're talking about, winds will be gusting in some locations, up to 70 miles per hour and will
4:35 am
create a storm surge in the south for areas damaged by superstorm sandy, they don't need something like this. blizzard conditions likely to arrive as conditions get worse later this evening into tomorrow morning and we're talking when are you dealing with a blizzard, talking wind gusts, sustained or frequented at 35 miles per hour and visibility to-to-a quarter mile. and don't attempt to get on the road. because you will not see anything. and we're talking about snowdrifts and the potential for power outages across the region in addition to three feet soled da ed soledad, i hope have you a plan when you get out of work. >> i have a plan to go south. i'm going to new orleans. thank you, appreciate the update. a really sad story out of columbus, ohio. a man jumped into an icy pond at
4:36 am
an apartment complex. a 5-year-old boy literally drowning in the water. grabs the boy. ha him in his arms. could not get back to land. yesterday, the 30-year-old hero, his name is james jenkins died. had been in the water more than 49 minutes. the little boy in the water longer, for more than an hour, and is he in critical condition this morning. so the man trying to rescue this boy lost his life. the little boy struggling to survive. another story, massive search for this man. ex-cop, killed three people, including another officer. declared war in the manifesto. on the los angeles police department. a possible lead, talking about overnight. that lead went nowhere. his name christopher dorner, 33 years old. threatened to target other cops, their families as well. manifesto online it began on sunday in irconvenievine, calif. anderson cooper takes a closer
4:37 am
look at dorner's rambling manifesto online. >> the subject line reads, last resort. perhaps the only explanation we'll ever hear from the alleged shooter, christopher dorner, over 11,000 words posted on his facebook page addressed simply to america. pages and pages of threats, confessions and rambling opinions and it is chilling to read. he writes "i know i will be vilified by the lapd and the media. unfortunately this is a necessary evil i do not enjoy but must partake from the lapd to reclaim my name. the question, what would you do to clear your name? dorner wants vindication from the lapd which terminated him in 2008 for making false statements to his superior officer. the attacks will stop when the department states the truth about my innocent publicly. i will not accept any type of
4:38 am
currency or goods in exchange for the attacks to stop. nor do i want it. i want my name back, period. no notion. he urges the media to investigate his case and writes "with the discovery and evidence available, you will see the truth. unfortunately, i had not be alive to see my name cleared. dorner writes repeatedly about his own death and writes "self-preservation is no longer important to me. die not fear death. he also writes, i have nothing to lose and cannot prevail against an enemy combatant who has no fear of death. dorner wants to make sure he is not branded a liar but has no mention about being a killer. mentioned officers by name, writing in essence, i've lost everything, because the lapd took my name and knew i was innocent. your day has come. later, he writes, you destroyed my life and name because of your
4:39 am
actions. time is up. dorner doesn't stop there. just suppressing the truth leads to deadly consequences for you and your family. never had an opportunity to have a family of my own, i'm terminating yours . >> dorner sent anderson a package that includes a dvd, post it note and a coin wrapped in duct tape. the coin had many bullet holes in it. he said thanks but no thanks. bratton says he probably gave dorner the coin. he doesn't remember dorner or yes was fired. >> that's called the challenge coin. i five it to people, and usually about an inch and a half, 2 inches in width. looks like he probably shot that through with like a .22. >> back to michael welner, one of the nation's top psychiatrists. nice to have you back with us. >> good morning. >> so many interesting things in
4:40 am
the manifesto. give me in a nutshell. >> i think it's pornography, a huge mistake for annerson cooper to do just what he did. you sent a message to every disaffected person in the united states, if they have a grievance and can write, you will give them 30 seconds of air time to give them legitimacy. >> it's how they caught the unibo unibomber. the manifesto was printed in the paper and he could read and and said that sounds like my brother. >> these crimes are copied. we've learn thad by now. the unabomber was on the loose. he was on the loose for a while. no clues. the fbi had failed. you cannot compare these situations. you want to compare this situation to something? compare it to honors brevik.
4:41 am
a paranoid guy who wrapped his agenda to something that people can relate to. people can relate to racism, so he gives something begrudging and full of resentment a tinge of legitimacy. >> let's talk specifically. >> we can debate whether this should have been made public. when you read the manifesto, what does it say about christopher dorner. >> everything you need to know about christopher is found more fittingly at don' single, sexually incompetent. not able to achieve intimacy and redirected to destruction like other spectacle killers, and as a long-time resentful individual, who harbor as a grudge and finds a way to make it legitimate. there are other channels.
4:42 am
if he could find anderson cooper's address today, he could have found it a month ago, a month before that. he is living in a united states where the department of justice is especially sensitive to discrimination complaints. the idea of this as a last resort? giving us a facebook page where he tells us he likes and you other people and this music, it's a quest for relevance wrapped around a -- here's a justification for why i did it. at the end of the day, someone who has close proximity says don' a weirdo, strange, paranoid. that's his core. >> his juxtaposition. half is i'm a victim. the other is i'm amazing, top of my class. >> it's what he wants us to see. >> he wants the attention. >> look, you come from the mormon community. you know all about injustice. can you imagine a mormon by virtue of the fact that exclusion or death or mass execution, which is part of the
4:43 am
entire legacy of the mormon faith doing something, saying i have justification to carry out the grievance because things are not better. obviously not. >> wait, wait, wait. stop for a second. what are you saying? >> he is saying i'm doing this because there is endemic racism, because of the lapd has not reformed itself. you know something? life isn't fair. all of us -- >> call him crazy simply dismisses him. isn't there a mental health issue. served our country, served our police force. >> not serving our country now. >> but he did. >> the lion's share of mass shooter or spectacle killers have resentment that may be paranoid, but the lion's share of seriously mentally ill people do not embark on spectacle crimes. this is an attention-seeking crime. a facebook driven crime.
4:44 am
a crime in which he sends things to mass media. it's a time in which like luke magnota in canada, who sent body parts, because he knew the media would be interested. how was he caught? reading about himself on the internet in a berlin cafe. watching the response as other people are, he sent something to the major media, because he knew if he named names somebody would say he sent it to me, let's talk about it. and i realize it's critical, and it may be uncomfortable. >> critical of cnn does not make me uncomfortable at all. and that's a separate issue, we can talk about that. but in the manifesto as well it's were you sort of dismiss what he's talking about. i find that interesting. i want to understand what drives someone who clearly feels he's been wronged for whatever reason. go back to mormonism, i feel like we're going off topic on that. i think any individual could
4:45 am
find a thing that has pissed them off for five years where they have been wrong. >> to use mass violence or speck ka ta kell destruction and kill someone who is the daughter of someone. the child. but the point is, it's irrelevant. >> we are way over time. i have got to -- >> covered a lot in this conversation. >> if i don't hit a commercial break, we will not be back on thor side of the commercial. thank you for being with us. we'll keep talking about this case. it's fascinating on a lot of levels. we'll talk to james usera, a friend of mr. dorner's and talk with him about what he knew about him from their college days. also ahead, we'll talk to a baseball player and a guy who loves his dog so much, they are making a really dramatic decision. we'll tell you what that is, next.
4:46 am
4:47 am
it's happened once again. fifth straight week. the top ranked team lost. how they lost. joe carter with the morning's bleacher report for us. good morning. >> wow is right. illinois shocked number one indiana with a come from behind buzzer beater. seems like if you are number one in college basketball, more of a curse these days. this game, tied 72-72.
4:48 am
illinois ball. tyler griffey the hero. no one defending the basket. lay-up good before the buzzer. illinois went on a 13-2 run to close it out. what a night in champaign. fans rush the court. illinois beats indiana 74-72. alex collins will play football for the university of arkansas. considered one of the best high school running backs out there. but earlier this week, his mom refused to sign the letter of intent. mom split mid press conference. when mom says no, what do you do? you ask dad. that worked. his dad signed the papers yesterday. mom, like a lot of people, expecting him to play closer to home at the university of miami, alex's original verbal commit. pitcher mark buehrle would rather spend the entire season alone than give up his best friend. he was traded to the toronto blue jays, where owning pitbulls
4:49 am
is illegal. rather than giving away the dog, he will live alone in toronto while his wife, kids, and slate of dogs stay in st. louis. joe flacco on letterman, last night it was coach john harbaugh's turn. >> it started well, ended well. >> this is you during the blackout. who are you talking to? >> mike with the nfl. >> what is the issue? >> concern about the restaurant after the game. a lot of great restaurants. not sure where to go. >> more entertaining news, go to gator tail, crayfish, so much to choose from. oysters. >> keep going, keep going. thank you. still ahead on "starting point" two new breeds will compete in the westminster dog show. we'll meet them live and in person along with last year's
4:50 am
best in show winter. a pekingese. back in a moment. but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. good afternoon. chase sapphire. (push button tone) [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? this is stacy from springfield. oh whoa. llo? yes. i didn't realize i'd be talking to an actual person. you don't need to press "0," i'm here. reach a person, not a prompt whenever you call chase sapphire. why should saturday night have all the fun? get two times the points on dining in restaurants, with chase sapphire preferred. get ready for a lot more of that new-plane smell.
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4:53 am
welcome back, everybody. who is going to be top dog? the 2013 westminster kennel dog show is back. for 24 years david frey has been the voice of the show. malachi last year was the winner. perla is a russell terrier and et cetera is a tree walker
4:54 am
coonhound. >> we have a stand-in for et cetera this is meg and callie our russell terrier. >> let's talk about the new breeds. why were they finally allowed in, when they weren't allowed in last year? >> it's up to the american rental club. the breed has to demonstrate a following. they have a parent club that watches out for them but we say new breeds, they're new to westminster but the reality is these breeds have been around for hundreds of years. >> what makes a dog best in show. walk me through the pekingese. >> malachi, the ground he stood over you can't see it. >> hello, boo boo. >> all of the dogs standing in line for best in show. >> he's so beautiful. >> they're great specimens but they have to have a certain charisma, personality and showmanship. >> all about personality and less than beauty. >> he has to conform to the standard and have a great
4:55 am
personality. >> what has he done in the years since the big win? >> he's had a lot of events to attend. he hasn't competed then, he's been retired. he mostly enjoyed life at home, we live in the country and likes being a country dog. >> he is so beautiful, you're so sweet. i see why you're the big winner for last year. let's talk about the chances for you two guys. >> they're new breeds so to have them and have everybody see them on the dog show and television and all of the things we do with live streaming video and on our facebook page and things like that, you get to see these wonderful dogs. >> they're so beautiful and also so calm. i'm used to dogs that are a little yippier. is that how they're measured as well? >> each breed has to have a personality appropriate for the breed and the job they're bred to do. usually you see the dogs running crazeily through the field chasing a fox. and the same thing with meg, you
4:56 am
see her tracking radccoons up a tree for hunters. >> are you calling people saying my dog this year, vote for me? >> when we're proud of our wins we advertise and share that. david didn't do a lot of advertising. >> are you doing that for your dog in. >> kelly has her hen facebook page. she's also excited to meet you, also from long island. >> oh from baldwin, oh my gawd. what are you trying to do to get your people vote for your dog? >> putting people on facebook, enjoy her going to the events, the shows. >> are you as anxious, nervous as the dogs? you're more nervous. >> it only comes down to one person, one person at three different levels, first at the breed level, 2,721 dogs and 187 different breeds, seven
4:57 am
different groups, you win in your group, you're one of seven group winners, the best in show judge picks the winner. >> i'm nervous and excited for you. thanks for bringing your beautiful dogs with you. appreciate it. we have to take a short break. the best in show crowned tuesday live february 12th 8:00 p.m. on usa network. ahead for us a winter storm about to wallop the northeast. plus a manhunt continues for a former cop who reportedly declared war on the los angeles police department. we'll talk to a college friend of the suspected killer straight ahead.
4:58 am
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welcome, everybody. our "starting point" this morning, a blizzard that could cripple parts of new york and new england is already falling snow here in new york. how much snow we're expected to see and what you should know about your flights, trains and potential power outages is a long and ugly list. full team coverage ahead for you. police looking for a suspected cop killer in california. could the discovery of his truck be a break in the case? james usera is a former classmate of the suspect, christopher dorner. john brennan's surprising views on interrogation tactics and drones, we'll talk with a lawmaker who was in that hearing. it's friday, february 8th and "starting point" begins right now. welco welcome, our team michael skolnik, and abby huntsman, and
5:02 am
ron brownstein, director of "national journal." good morning. lots to cover. we're talking about the blizzard, using words like epic which is never good talking about a storm, about to bury the northeast, forecasters have also used the word historic snowfall totals, this is a look at new york city, more than a foot of snow in the next 24 hours. 23 million people in the northeast are under a blizzard warning. air travel already a bit of a mess. 3,000 flights scheduled for today and tomorrow have been canceled. boston concerns the storm could be worse than the images from this blizzard in 1978 when 100 people were killed. thousands of homes destroyed, the forecast there calls for 34 inches of snow in boston. meteorologist jennifer delgado is tracking the pits, alison kosik in new york, what are we
5:03 am
expected to get and how is it now outside? >> reporter: it's already starting. i'm picking up enough snow to make little snowballs. it's icy on the street. people are still going about going to work, this is a normal morning of just bad weather, but the trouble is we know what's coming our way, anywhere from 6 to 12 inches expected to hit here in new york city. new york city getting prepared, getting ahead of the storm, getting ready with its salt spreaders and its plows, hundreds of them at the ready, especially during the prime time of rush hour this evening, where we're expected to get the brunt of the storm. soledad in. >> alison, thank you. a wintry mix already started falling in the outer suburbs around the nation's capitol. brianna keilar is at the white house. it's not long ago you had the massive storm. how are people preparing there? >> reporter: today here it'slogical galoshes and raincoats. the capital is dodging the brunt
5:04 am
of the storm. we have rain in downtown washington, d.c. can he can commiserate. three years ago we were in the middle of snowmageddon in between the two storms that brought feet of snow to the d.c. area so we've been through it before. as of right now you're looking at the counties a couple hours south in culpeper county five inches of snow has fallen. we're expecting some sleet and freezing rain about an hour outside of d.c., but so far as i said, just rain here. the thing is obviously, though, this is the center of government and fema is very much involved in looking toward the northeast here and a lot of folks head towards new york, towards the northeast on the weekend. we are sort of moving into the period where we will be cut off from the northeast when it comes to travel so a lot of people will be rushing to get out of town. we understand fema has been working with cell carriers to send out notifications to people
5:05 am
directly by their cell phone in the northeast to give them winter weather information so that they can have their warnings and they're told as well, soledad that the white house, president obama and fema are in touch with local and state officials ahead of this storm. >> it's good to hear on that front because it looks like it's going to be bad. brianna, thank you. indra petersons, in boston, 34 inches really? >> reporter: i want to you imagine you are in boston. it's been a mild winter, we're about 15 inches below normal for snow amounts and this morning we're seeing temperatures at the freezing mark. winds are gusting, 20-mile-per-hour steady winds but overall clear visibility. i want to show you where the customs tower is. this is less than a quarter mile, you can clearly see this this morning. by the afternoon, we're expecting snowfall rates of two to three inches per hour, gusts anywhere from 50 to even 70 miles per hour and that's the reason we have the blizzard
5:06 am
warning in effect. this monstrous blizzard is expected to bring visibility down near zero. when all is said and done i can be standing here with three feet of snow and i can have banks of snow or flurries above my head. everyone is doing exactly what the mayor has asked them to do, staying home if they don't need to go to work. at noon all cars are going to be off the roads and transportation is shut down, people are staying home, they're waiting out this storm and they're trusting the government has everything in place, which they do. they have 600 snow trucks ready to plow the roads, another 4,500 on standby. the national guard is waiting. the best side to this it's on the weekend and they can do that. >> the number of cartoons i have seen about people stocking up on beer and milk and bread. i'm going south, i'm fine. >> blizzard on a weekend can be cozy, people burrow in with hot chocolate or red wine but 34 inches is pushing cozy.
5:07 am
>> meteorologist jennifer delgado is tracking the system. michael was saying we'll be stuck for ten days. no, not ten days. how long, give me the sense of how long the storm will take to go through and how bad it will be. >> we're really going to see it pulling away from the coastline saturday evening but right now we start off with rain out there, but i also want to point out the last couple hours we start to see more wintry mix into new york as well as into parts of connecticut and into rhode island, but this is the storm that we're watching and watching this other one out in the great lakes. when they combine, this is what is going to cause this big weather explosion of snow to arrive later in the day. we're going to track this for you, as we start this off at 10:00 a.m., right now, right on track we'll see some of the wetter snow moving in, but as we go into the afternoon, by 4:00, new york, you're going to see all snow there and really the same for parts of boston, but when we get into the evening
5:08 am
hours as well as into the overnight hours that's when we're really going to see the two storms merging and the heaviest snowfall is going to be coming down. we're talking all snow in addition to the strong winds that indra was talking about, some wind gusts 70 miles per hour. when we talk about some of the snowfall totals, for boston nearly 22 inches of snowfall, and for other areas again we're still talking potential of three feet of snow with these winds around, soledad, up to 50 to 60 to 70. this is going to be enough to of course take down some power lines, reduce visibility and also cause coastal flooding for areas that were damaged by superstorm sandy last year. >> thank you for watching this for us. you ever follow michael bloomberg's parody site in spani spanish? poor k el storm, anyway-o.
5:09 am
we'll cover this blizzard like no other network we'll look at what's happening at the airports, thousands of cancellations to tell you about and the hunt for the alleged killer an ex-cop in southern california turns out reported overnight sighted of christopher dorner near an indian reservation apparently at this hour has gone nowhere. the 33-year-old is suspected of killing three people including one police officer, homicidal, possibly suicidal. according to this chilling letter he posted online. his burned out struck was found in san bernardino, he remains at large at this hour. casey wian is in hollywood, california this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, soledad. police agencies have asked their officers not to travel alone in
5:10 am
their patrol cars. they're all pairing up for their own safety. police officers throughout the region are trying to not only protect potential targets of christopher dorner, they're also trying to find him. a possible break in the hunt for christopher dorner as authorities find his truck burning on a remote road in big bear lake, california. police fanned out, rifles drawn as they searched nearby woods and go door to door. >> we'll keep working on it unless we're able to locate the suspect or determine he's no longer in the big bear valley. >> reporter: dorner a former los angeles cop has threatened to hurt l.a. police officers and their families. police say in retribution for being fired in 2008. he allegedly laid out his plan in an online manifesto saying "i never had the opportunity to have a family of my own. i'm terminating yours." dorner also attempted to contact cnn sending a parcel to our anderson cooper, in it, a hand labeled dvd with a yellow post
5:11 am
it note that reads "i never lied." an apparent reference to his filing when he claims he was forced out after reporting alleged police brutality and a coin wrapped in duct tape inscribed with "thanks but no thanks" will bratton. >> chances are if he would have received it from me it's the custom when someone was active in the military headed zwroefr s overseas. >> reporter: sunday dorner middle monica quan, the former daughter of an lapd captain, and her fiance. three days later in san diego, police say dorner attempted to hijack a boat and early thursday dorner fires at police officers in corona who were assigned to protect someone connected to dorner's threats, one officer was hurt. later in river side two officers are fired upon in what police
5:12 am
call a cowardly ambush, one seriously hurt, the other killed. dorner's manifesto states "the attacks will stop when the department states the truth about my innocence publicly." >> he's told us what he intends to do and so far he's done it. >> reporter: leaving the community on edge, wondering when the violence will stop. in that mountain community of big bear law enforcement authorities warned residents not to open their doors to anyone that they don't know, or uniformed law enforcement personnel. the local sheriff there expects schools and the ski slopes to reopen today. >> how terrifying for people. thanks for the update. james ucera is a college friend of christopher dorner. dorner mentioned him in the manifesto. he gives you a lot of thanks and part of his manifesto. it's not confirmed that it's from christopher dorner but here is what was written, "best quality about you in college and
5:13 am
now is that you never sugar coated the truth. i will miss our political discussions that always turned argue meantment. thanks for introducing to outdoor sports and respect for the land and resources. you even introduced me to pabst blue ribbon, i love you, bro, is how he ends it. are you surprised you're mentioned and tell us about the christopher dorner that you knew. >> sure, when i first read that and became aware of this manifesto and the fact i was mentioned i confessed i was a little bit flattered because i obviously had some positive effect on him. having now had the opportunity to put it in context with the rest of the manifesto it's obviously pretty shocking and i'm taken aback at being subsumed into this discussion and events. having said all that, the mr. dorner that i knew was a very
5:14 am
intelligent, rational articulated person. he represents in the political discussions that turned argumentative i don't know that's accurate. i know at times we disagreed on things but i don't recall anything about mr. dorner that suggested to me being aggressive or violent or anything of that nature. >> when you read the manifesto, he sort of goes between feeling he was victimized by people at the los angeles police department and also sort of these emotions of grand yiosty, the best marksman. he talks about where he was wronged at youth because of racial slurs. did he talk to you about that stuff? >> you know, that came as a
5:15 am
surprise. i haven't read the full manifesto. i've seen bits and pieces. my experience with him was that he was a person who had experienced racism, as an african-american male growing up in southern california, he obviously had a different frame of reference than i did. we did have discussions about that, it was something he was sensitive to but nothing about any comment he made suggested any kind of irrational behavior, nothing about him was, you know, violent or aggressive or anything that would serve as a predictor of the things that have occurred over the last few days. >> the manifesto is teetering on the absolute bizarre. james usera, former classmate of christopher dorner, thanks for talking with me. >> my pleasure. other stories to cover for you this morning, christine has a look at some of them.
5:16 am
nine government workers who were passing out polio vaccinations in nigeria were killed friday morning, this happened in the northern city of kano. the victims include eight women and one man. no claims of responsibility but an islamist militant group which condemned the use of western medicine has been blamed for other attacks. rupert richard mourdock stri includes a new team, hugh grant claims they hacked into his phone, broke into his home and accessed medical records, the second suit to be settled over the scandal. the secret after on the trail after someone hacked the e-mail iaccounts of the bush family. family member says a criminal investigation is under way.
5:17 am
published reports says the unidentified hacker was able to access e-mails, photos and other personal information about both former bush presidents. in "the new york observer" the movie critic refers to melissa mccarthy as tractor sized and a "hippo." reed wrote "mccart thee is a gimmick comedian who has devoted her short career to being obese and obnoxious with equal success." >> what's so weird about this review. you could hate a movie but he literally in this review attacks melissa mccarthy, not for her acting but constantly going to the fact she's overweight. >> the commentary section went crazy. attack the movie, don't attack
5:18 am
the woman. >> did you not seer in in "bridesmaids" she's hilarious. >> out of everything you just enlightened us about, the idea you could hack into the former presidents' e-mail is just incredible story really. how much vulnerability. >> the fed was hacked yesterday. >> and "the new york times" and "wall street journal," the level of security issues we're facing. >> it's much worse than we think because a lot of companies, a lot of people don't advertise that they have been hacked because they don't want to invite more hacking. >> we believe we're protected out there. so much of our life is lived online. >> absolutely. >> all right, thanks, christine, appreciate it. ahead on starting point john brennan was grilled for his confirmation hearing. could the drone program prove to
5:19 am
be a roadblock for him? we'll talk to senator ron wyden ahe ahead. i'm grant weber and... i sell subarus to dogs. from hunting dogs... you see this will tell you your mileage and how far you've gone if you're on a trip. to lap dogs. let's talk financing. i'll get you a great deal. i think i can make you a happy dog. once you sit in a subaru, you'll stay.
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5:22 am
the cia. john brennan's hearing was interrupted numerous times by protesters. >> i think there is a misimpression on the part of some american people who believe that we take strikes to punish terrorists for past transgressions. nothing could be further from the truth. we only take actions as a last resort to save lives when there's no other alternative to taking an action that's going to mitigate that threat. >> the strongest criticism focused on elite justice department memo giving the president authority to order the killings of americans overseas by drone strike. democratic senator ron wyden says the white house hasn't lived up to its promise of transparency. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> awe cues brennan of stonewalling and asked him a lot of questions back and forth at the hearing. were you safe satisfied with what he told you? >> there's a lot of ground to cover. i was encouraged when the
5:23 am
president, for example, called me and said that he was going to address some of what we requested in terms of the legal analysis for the targeted killings of americans. when i went to read the documents however i came away not convinced that we have everything. you asked for example about drones before. there are plenty of imassistances where the use of a drone is appropriate. it could be a road block on confirmation the failure to give the intelligence committee the documents we need to do our work which is vigorous oversight. >> what documents do you need? do you think they're going to give them to you and if you don't are you not going to confirm him? >> every american has the right to know when their government believes it's allowed to kill them and to really make an evaluation on that issue, we need to see the full legal analysis. now what i read before the hearing certainly was a step in the right direction and i want to commend the president for
5:24 am
certainly changing course and making additional material available, but to do our job, which is part of the checks and balances that makes our system of government so special, we need the full legal analysis. >> let me ask ron brownstein, he says it's a step in the right direction. he's waiting for more documents to get analysis of how the decision is made to kill an american with a drone strike overseas. >> i think there are two very distinct questions and i'd love to hear what the senator has to say. you want after the fact oversight analyzing the decisions that were made or do you believe there needs to be some other body that reviews the decisions before they are made. should the president be able to do this on his own decision or does someone else have to look at it before we decide we're going to in effect take out an american citizen. >> how do you see that working, senator? would you like a separate body that would analyze that? >> we have to understand in our
5:25 am
system of checks and balances the president is given enormous sway in the area of national security and particularly to protect our country in dangerous times li this. it is not unfettered power. there are checks and balances and what i did think was a step in the right direction is john brennan began to spell out the rules of engagement. some of the principles he applied in modern warfare. >> you're waiting on some documents, do you think they're forthcoming and if they don't come what do you do? >> i made it clear we need to see any and all documents, that was a request by a bipartisan group of the united states senators on the question of a legal analysis for targeted killings before we vote, and we need to do that in particular in order to carry out our responsibilities for vigorous oversight, public oversight and engaging with the public the way
5:26 am
the president told me he wanted to do, certainly useful as well. this committee is the one charged by law with conducting oversight. we need those documents to do it. >> senator ron wyden joining us, democrat from oregon thank you for your time. >> thank you for having me. ahead a beloved novel about a young girl gets an update, but how are we feeling about anne of green gables now. that's anne of green gables? come on people. we'll talk about that on the other side. a hybrid? most are just no fun to drive.
5:27 am
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5:29 am
welcome back, everybody. trending on the web lots of people, kind of me included an update, inappropriate, i'm a little angry, outraged about an update, this is anne of green gables. >> that's not anne of green gables. i'm sure she's a lovely girl. >> this is the cover of the reissued edition, it's a story of an 11-year-old girl who now is, it's a story of an 11-year-old girl who is this cute girl, anne of green gables. now it's like this hottie 17-year-old blond girl is the face of "anne of green gables." >> doesn't she have red hair, braids, freckles and pointy chin. >> that's part of the book. >> this is part of the money, they want to sell books. >> what? >> shocking, right? the concept is sex sells. >> but why. >> not this book. >> "anne of green gables" my daughter is 12, she is the audience of "anne of green
5:30 am
cables" why does she need the hottie to sell books to her? >> regular girls relate to girls who don't look like, they relate to the red hair, the freckles, the pointy chin. >> this should be the cover of "lolita." >> my little sister is 13 years old, around the age you'd buy this book. last time i walked in her room she had posters of selena gomez and miley cyrus, sexy, they're fascinated by the sex appeal. >> the story of "anne of green gables" is not that. >> i totally agree. >> this is what i spend my life doing, the humanity trying to come in on my 12-year-old daughter. >> leave laura ingalls alone. >> flannels definitely bad. >> worn like that. ahead on "starting point" the live on the latest weather conditions is ahead and what's happening at the airports with
5:31 am
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welcome back, everybody. winter storm is barrelling to the northeast, look at this map, you can see the system moving up the coast, it's expected to bury millions of people in snow from new jersey to maine. here's a look at new york, heavy snow that's falling could be turned into heavy snow pretty soon, in new york a foot of snow, people lining up at gas stations cleaning out the delis and the grocery stores of milk and bread, air travel already a mess, more than 3,200 flights scheduled for today and tomorrow have been scrubbed. meteorologist jennifer delgado is tracking the storm.
5:35 am
zain asher let's start with you. zbl >> reporter: hi, soledad. things at 3:30 were relatively calm when i got here and slowly starting to pick up. lines are slowly starting to form at the security checkpoint and more and more signs on the cancellation departure board. in the past few hours the number of flights risen from 3,200 to 3,300. the bottom shrine if you have travel plans today especially if you're leaving after 1:00, just make sure you call the airline in advance, showing up at 3:30 this afternoon crossing your fingers hoping for the best is not going to cut it. let's pull up our radar map. take a look, you can see blue dots forming ac ross the northeast, those blue dots represent the number of flights currently in the air right now, this is real time, but i hate to say it, but as the storm draws closer, those blue dots are going to get more and more
5:36 am
sparse and the number of planes that are going to be grounded is going to increase. i spoke to a couple who are on their way to mexico. they originally had a flight had afternoon but weren't taking any chances. here's what they had to say. >> we were watching the storm approach with some trepidation and saw the forecast. decided we weren't going to get out of here. >> if you couldn't make arrangements early i'd say home. i'd hate to be in the airport for twoor three days. >> reporter: one guy i spoke to said he was on the phone with american airlines for, wait for it, an hour and a half trying to get his flights switched. he was successful but that really gives you an idea of just how hectic it is for travelers right now. >> it is amazing. there's nobody behind you and it looks so calm but that's because everybody is trying to figure out the next thing. we get to jennifer del ga goe, meteorologist tracking the storm. where does it start, finish up and end?
5:37 am
>> we're talking about the calm before the storm right now, as we show you on the radar, we're looking at a lot of rain through the delmarva peninsula and starting to see some light snow coming down in newark as well as into new york city and more of that spreading into areas like connecticut and into rhode isla island. once we get the temperatures to continue to drop and get the other storm system coming through we are talking potentially three feet of snow. i know soledad wants to know how that is going to lay out throughout the day. 10:00 a.m. snow starting to work in, by about 4:00, new york city you're going to be dealing with all snow. it gets heavier in the evening, once these two storms start to merge, late tonight into the overnight hours that's when that explosion of snow is going to happen. keep in mind this is 4:00 on friday, again trying to travel is really virtually going to be impossible into the evening and overnight hours, chad myers will be tracking the storm system with you because that's when we're going to see the worst of it. that storm system pulls off the
5:38 am
coastline late saturday but keep in mind with all these totals in some locations three feet when you combine it in, winds up to 70 miles per hour, we have the blizzard warning in place and telling people don't get on the road. visibility will be down and power outages with the storm system as well. >> what a mess. thank you for watching it for us. another big story is the massive manhunt that's under way for a former l.a..ed. police officer. christopher dorner is accused of launching a violent vendetta against police, a reported sighting that took place in california has turned out to be unfounded. he's accused of killing three people including a police officer since sunday in an angry online manifesto he declares war on lapd officers and their family. we asked a former classmate of christopher dorner.
5:39 am
>> nothing about him was you know, violent or aggressive or anything that would serve as a predictor of the things that have occurred over the last few days. >> officers from nine southern california counties are now taking part in the search for christopher dorner. christine romans has a look at some of the other stories making news for us. good morning, soledad the son of a school bus driver killed while protecting students on an alabama bus says his father died for a purpose. chuck poland was shot while preventing jimmy lee dykes from kidnapping more students last week. >> every day on the bus it was his kids, he took them on his home. thank god if it happened, because i believe my dad was strong enough to do what he needed to do. >> dykes held a 5-year-old hostage for a week in an underground bunker.
5:40 am
secretary of state hitting the ground running. you're looking at him at his first cabinet meeting with the president. today he'll hold bilateral talks with canada over the controversial $7 billion keystone excel pipeline which is still awaiting approval from the state department. a duke university fraternity has been suspended for throwing an asian themed party many considered racist and incentive. asian-americans were outraged after pictures posted on facebook showed partygoers dressed in stereo typical attire some having chopsticks in the hair, the invitations used language mocking many asian accents. taking your kids out to eat, is that a recipe for disaster for your family? not if you're this people. family in washington state shocked to see a local restaurant knocked $4 off their bill because their kids were so well exploded sparking a
5:41 am
debate about parents and how to keep their kids online. she followed one tips on not raising brats. she says, take your kids out to eat at least a couple times a month, give them a snack before you head out, be sure they're rested and healthy, and notice the people, art, music and food in the room and talk about them. >> just sit and have a glass of wine and ignoring them, works for me, oh, not my kid. >> whoops. >> come over here. let's talk a little bit about the story that we were really fighting, i think fight something a fair word over yesterday, of this conversation about governor christie's weight that has come front and center. we'll look in a moment after this short break at the coverage of the governor's size, both the comedy around it and some of the comments from doctors, too, that's coming up next right after this break. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
5:42 am
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welcome back, everybody. it's not a secret that new jersey governor chris christie has long struggled with his weight. all the talk about his size, after he whipped a doughnut out of his pocket and started munching on it. wall street discussed it, "the washington post" said chris christie chews the fa the about his weight and "the huffington post" chris christie weight: can
5:46 am
you be obese and healthy. ." >> people who have a medical license who have the privilege of having a medical license should in my view conduct themselves more responsibly than that. if she wants to get on a plane and come to new jersey and asks me to review my medical history i'll have a conversation about that at that time. until that, she should shut up. >> howie hurts akurtz and laure ashburn. irresponsible, do you think that's true he says she's irresponsible as a doctor making pronouncements he may die in office. >> thou dost protest too much. his weight bothers him. in terms of the actual health problem here, i wrote a piece and i said if he's going to be out there and he's going to be talking about his weight, then it's fair game to talk about the
5:47 am
obesity epidemic and the billions of dollars, health care dollars that are spent on people who are obese. >> okay, but here's my question. aren't those two separate things? yes, i believe governor chris christie is thin skinned. he clearly is sensitive about his weight, clearly it's an issue. he's talked about how he's tried to lose weight. on the other hand a doctor who has not examined you who says something, what he seemed to take exception to was that she said i'm worried he's going to die in office. he's like i have four kids. >> did you hear how she said that, she was concerned. she's not saying i'm worried he's going to die in office. >> that's exactly what she said. >> the tone was different. >> oh we continue the argument from yesterday. howie are you with me or not? >> this story is like candy corn for the media, we cannot get enough. second of all going on letterman and scarfing the doughnuts, he opened up the storm. >> it was funny. >> he completely wiped out any
5:48 am
gdwill he got from that by telling the doctor to shut up. it is a television convention lots of physicians and psychotherapists going on, offer opinions about people they've never met. it was overkill on his part. >> to have a doctor saying that, i mean that just seemed like a little much to some of you who have not met and examined. >> we should be concerned. >> so much of christie's persona and appeal is the guy from the bleachers shtick he does, the every man speaking the truth that politicians won't, he'll praise obama when he deserves. >> he's a bully. mobster. >> whoa! >> is he not and that's a very loaded word. he's not a mobster. he's sensitive about his wait. >> "shut up, get out of here." >> those things about him i'm not saying are not true. would i say shut up to someone in a press conference, no. that's chris christie for you. on the other hand you have a doctor who says she's going to
5:49 am
give this tough talk to her former patients like president bill clinton and i would say you're not his doctor and can you imagine his kids, i agree with him, hearing that someone just said on tv, dad that, you're going to die in office. >> he's in office now. he's governor of the state. mind you, with over 70% approval rating. if he wants to start a pack and we know he's running for president we can have this conversation and talk about whether he's fit enough to be president. he'sing a fine job running the state of new jersey. >> if he starts a pack shouldn't we be examining his record in trenton and not talking about his weight? >> what comes out of his mouth, not what goes in his mouth. >> michelle obama, you're the leader of the free world and you want young people to be inspired to be in shape he is joking about eating a doughnut. >> right now he's not running for president. this is all ginned up by the fact political reporters expect
5:50 am
him to run in 2016. before we beat up on this doctor too much, what about the television networks who make decisions to book doctors and put them on the air and ask them about people they've never met. >> here is the thing i think any doctor it is interesting to find out, i would like to know somebody who is his size and he says his blood sugar levels are good, low cholesterol, both of those things he's healthier than me, i have very high cholesterol. he's healthier than me on paper. i'd like a doctor to explain someone of that says can a person who is morbidly obese, can they be healthy. doctor could answer that. giving him advice through the television when you've never examined him seems to me to go too far. it's inappropriate. that said he's still kind of a bully, i get it, he shouldn't have said shut up, it's rude. i personally would never say that -- >> in the same sentence, shut up, howie, shut up. >> if you were my kid i'd be like time-out for you. >> this is the tipping point.
5:51 am
what makes him attractives is a political figure is the regular guy, ralph cramden aspect and that tips into other questions, is he a bully, is he in shape for the job? >> i agree. >> i remember looking at the convention when he gave the big speech it didn't work, the regular guy from the bleachers did not scale up to the size of what he needed. >> and will that even work on a national level? >> but the regular guy should not be obese in this country. he shouldn't be. >> right. >> and he has talked about how he has tried to lose weight. he's know the a guy who is celebrating he's unhealthy. he's saying i'm trying. >> ate a doughnut. >> he was joking with letterman, give it a break. he has said i have struggled to lose weight. talked about it a lot. >> he couldn't fit into the chair. >> eating french fries and ice cream on the boardwalk. >> and political reporters said no, if jeb bush wants to run by president whether he loses
5:52 am
weight. it's not unique to chris christie. >> last word he doesn't seem to want anyone else to talk about it and doesn't work that way. >> he needs to toughen up, thicken that skin. >> ooh. straight ahead -- >> i'm going to get hate mail. >> you will, excei'm writing it right now. ahead on "starting point" when you were a kid did you want to be a firefighter, a doctor? wait until you hear what kids today say they want to be. we'll tell you straight ahead on "starting point." engine? search engine, uhh, probably google. if we do a side by side blind test comparison, and you end up choosing google, you get an xbox. i'll bet you the xbox, you bet me your son. well let's look up what you need. okay, i would do the left. yeah? what?! i am a daddy! bing wins it! bing won. bing did win. people prefer bing over google for the web's top searches. don't believe it? go to and see what you're missing. i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade.
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welcome back to "starting point." i'm christine romans. stock futures are mixed. stocks hitting the pause button this week but look at the s&p. it's up around 6% this year and still within shouting distance of all-time highs. one high-profile investor suing apple to give some of its massive cash stockpile back to investors. david einhorn wants the company to change its policy on preferred stock. he says "apple has $145 per share of cash on its balance sheet. as a shareholder this is your money." apple is down 35% after hitting $175 per share in september. apple says it will evaluate einhorn's proposal. back in the day kids wanted to be firefighter, doctors, astronauts. the new big dream entrepreneurs. poll said 43% entrepreneurs.
5:57 am
60% say schools offer classes on starting up a business, up from about half in 2011 >> that's interesting. i'd be interested to know what kind of entrepreneurs. >> they want to be steve jobs. >> mark zuckerberg. >> russell simmons. >> i want to be russell simmons. i spend long hours with her checking her heart rate, administering her medication, and just making her comfortable. one night britta told me about a tradition in denmark, "when a person dies," she said, "someone must open the window so the soul can depart." i smiled and squeezed her hand. "not tonight, britta. not tonight." [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson. [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, all right that's a fifth-floor probleok.. not in my house! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! no no no!
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get ready for a lot more of that new-plane smell.

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